Spousal Support

Spousal Support

When a husband pays a wife money while they are still legally married, this is referred to as “Spousal Support.” If a couple gets divorced, and an ex-spouse pays the other support money, those payments are commonly referred to as “Maintenance.”

Whether you are a man or woman, under the right circumstances you may be eligible for support or maintenance from your spouse/ex-spouse if they can afford to pay it and you really need it.

Both Family Court and Supreme Court have the authority to order a spouse/ex-spouse to pay support under certain circumstances, and they can also change or enforce a current support/maintenance order. If you need to have a court make an initial order of maintenance in a divorce case, only the Supreme Court can do that.

At Fink & Katz, we have been helping clients navigate the complexities of both Family Court and Supreme Court to secure and enforce support/maintenance payments for almost two decades.

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